development through
systems thinking

ENEF concept is a consulting firm of architects, designers, planners, environmental engineers and energy-efficiency specialists working in close collaboration with our clients to create projects for sustainable and climate resilient built environment. We base our work on systems thinking and combination of multidisciplinary knowledge. With this approach we create durable and innovative solutions that bring value not only to our clients but to the whole society.

Our clients
and partners

We work together with private businesses, public institutions, universities and international organizations. We work with clients from diverse sectors because we aim to continuously deepen our understanding of all processes, business plans, interests and values, not only directly related to our clients but across the whole system influencing their business. By aligning our projects with these perspectives, we provide a foundation for our clients and partners to build and maintain better communication and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Meet our
managing director

Ivan Kalc is the founder and managing director at ENEF concept. He is an architect by profession and has received numerous awards and recognitions for solutions addressing environmental and related socio-economic needs and challenges in urban areas. He received his education from universities of technical sciences in Serbia, Norway and Sweden (FTN, NTNU and KTH) and holds two master’s degrees, combining fields of architecture and energy efficiency.