Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF) in Belgrade, Serbia | 2nd prize in competition | With Zabriskie Studio
Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina Headquarters | Competition finalist
Mild Home - Eco community in Belgrade, Serbia | Honourable mention in competition
Zero waste mixed-use complex in Reykjavik, Iceland | C40 Reinventing Cities finalist
Urban Food from Residual Heat, 4 municipalities in Sweden | 2nd prize in competition
Circular food production Demonstration and Educational centre in Reykjavik, Iceland
Public City gallery in Belgrade | Competition proposal
Beach bar made from used shipping containers in Belgrade, Serbia
Analyses of adequate house height due to shading to and from surrounding houses


We believe that sustainable architecture represents a compromise among different perspectives, ranging from design and technical solutions, economic aspects, human comfort, as well as environmental protection. During initial planning stages, these factors are rarely all given equal attention, which causes complications at later stages of project development. In our work, we firstly aim to understand our clients’ original design ideas so we can help them formulate and develop solutions that respect desired goals while at the same optimize energy and resources use.

We like to start working with architects in early design stages and follow the project development by analysing any subsequent changes made to the originally accepted solutions and evaluate their impact on the environment and human comfort. Our services include analyses and computer simulations of daylight levels, natural ventilation, shading and solar access in reference to the building form, orientation and choice of materials.